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The basics.

What is Kaarva?

Kaarva gives you access to your earned salary 'on demand' with no interest, fees or hidden costs.

How much is the interest?

We charge no interest. Instead, we let our members choose how much they want to pay for the service. They contribute based on how much they find it worth and that way, they make sure we are around the next time to serve them.

For eg. one can contribute ₹250 for a cash out of ₹ 3000. They are also free to put ₹ 0.


How much time it takes to get cash out?

About 3 hours once documents are submitted and if application approved.


How do I receive the money?

Money is directly transferred to your account. You need to share your account number & IFSC code of your salary account.

When do I return the money?

When you receive your upcoming salary, and definitely before the final due date. Due date is conveyed during cashout.


How do I return the money?

You transfer the total amount cashed out in the month + contribution amount to the account given to you for repayment over Whatsapp.


Can I refer a friend & is there any incentive for referral?

Yes, always. You just need to message us on Whatsapp with the details of your friend or give you friend the link to the form. The incentive of successful referral is increase in your credit limit. Please note referral is deemed successful when the person who you have referred has repaid.


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